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Nick Hagelin is an award-winning singer/songwriter, dancer, and actor from New York City. His soulful voice and loving spirit have earned him millions of views on Youtube and a strong run on Season 10 of The Voice, where he finished Top 9.   He has been featured on The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, NBC, CBS, FOX, We TV, E! News, US Weekly, and People Magazine.


Nick is a seasoned entertainer, with a rich background in the performing arts.  With two professional singers for parents, he cultivated his talents from a young age, training at School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center from age 9-18.  He went on to dance internationally with American Ballet Theatre, Carolina Ballet, Atlanta Opera, and The Kirov.  As an actor he has appeared on Law & Order: SVU and the feature film The Emperor’s Club.  


Nick moved to Atlanta, GA in 2009 to pursue music full time.  After a major label deal at Interscope and some radio success in his early 20s, Nick returned to heavy independent self-promotion and touring to share his City Lights EP (2014) and Nick Hagelin EP (2015) with the country.   But it was in 2016 that America really fell in love with Nick, his music and his inspiring story, when millions of Americans voted to keep him on the show for 5 straight weeks.   He is now touring internationally, releasing new music this Summer.

Join millions of viewers at, stay connected with @nickhagelin, and explore the music at

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